Frog Crafts for Preschool Frog Crafts for Preschool Frog Crafts for Preschool







This craft is also great for children with disabilities, because it is simple and three dimensional when finished. Helps with motor skills, sequencing and much more.

Here is a cute frog craft  that we thought we had posted. You see, before we had this blog, we had a different one. We were kinda figuring out what program we wanted to use. So when we switched over to this site, we moved over all of our projects too.

Or so we thought….

I was going through the projects marking the ones we have on this site and the ones that we don’t have. To our suprise, we found this one. So we decided to go ahead and post it.

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Click on the links below to print up this project in black and white, color for girls, or color for boys.

Frog Crafts for Preschool


Print Wiggle Frog for Girls in Color

Printed and Mailed to You in Color!




Frog Crafts for Preschool


Print Wiggle Frog for Boys in Color

Printed Crafts Mailed to You in Color!




Frog Crafts for Preschool


Print Wiggle Frog in Black and White





And here are the frog craft Instructions:

Print Wiggle Frog Instructions


To make it nice and easy, I will add a copy of the instructions on this post. I’ve also included the instructions that you can just print out at the bottom of the post.

Here are the instructions:

1- If printed in black and white, color or
paint and let dry.

2- Cut out the frog’s body, legs, arms, flies, and the

3- Bend the arms, legs and tongue back and forth
on the dotted lines.

4- Glue the legs and arms onto the frog.
(Glue the tongue to the mouth)

5- Glue a string on the the back of the frog. The
small circle on the frog’s tummy shows where the
string should be glued on the back.

6- Glue one fly to the end of the frog’s tongue.

7- Take the two other flies and glue strings to the back
of them.

8- Hang the frog craft and the two other flies to the ceiling.
(We like to make it look like the frog is chasing the

These instructions that I put at the bottom of the post, are the printable version. They also have some photos that go along with the steps, so if you feel like it would be easier then you can check those out.

Let us know what you think of this project 🙂





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