Temple QuoteSo, we at SmartyPantsFun are passionate about helping children with Autism and have found that Primitive Reflex Integration has helped many Autistic children. The problem is, if parents cannot afford an Occupational Therapist or their therapist doesn’t know the technique, they may never here about it. And, it is easy enough to do with your child right at home. What are Primitive Reflexes? They are the reflexes or instincts babies are born with. Primitive Reflexes, also called infant reflexes,  such as the suck reflex and many others help baby through the first year of life. These Primitive Reflexes disappear over the first year of life as baby gains higher functioning muscle control. One thing that is consistent in many Autistic children is the fact that they still have their primitive reflexes many years after their first birthday. We call these reflexes the ‘trouble makers’ because, if they remain after the first year of life, they can interfere with normal neurological development.

Many Autistic parents report great improvement in their Autistic child after they have taken care of the remaining Primitive Reflex problem. These Reflexes can be eliminated through a process called Primitive Reflex Integration or Infant Reflex Integration. It is not too difficult to do right at home. There are simple tests and exercises you can do with your child. You can find the information, tests and exercises at www.solvelearningdisabilities.com  We will put the links below. It is free and so worth your time if your child struggles with Autism or other disabilities.

Fine Motor Skills

Primitive Reflex Tests for Autism

Primitive Reflex Exercises for Autism

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We have also made printable crafts to help improve their motor skills, sequencing and visual spacial skills. Check them out under our Autism Category.

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