Free Printable set for girls and for boys.

I love Valentine’s Day and this is my favorite Valentines project we have made yet because it involves candy.

I have a sweet tooth so… combining that with crafts is a little piece of heaven for me.



Here is how they look made up. They have a little “To” and “From” spot on the back for addressing to those favorite school friends, grandma, teacher, neighbors or whoever. You can also print it in black and white so they can color them. I like doing this because it personalizes them even more.

Print, color, cut out, fold over the sucker, then staple, glue or tape.





Print Valentines Sucker Cover for Girl In Color



Printed Crafts Mailed to You in Color!







Print Valentines Sucker Covers For Boys in Color









Print Valentines sucker Covers in Black and White





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