This is a really cute Valentines project for kids that’s super simple. We’ve been loving the Valentines projects and being creative with them.

This flower is no ordinary flower. As you can see, it’s petals are all different and WAY cute!

Here’s what you do:

1. Print it up. If it’s printed in black and white, then have your little one color it.

2. Cut out the petals, stem, leaves, and center.

3. If you want, you can fold the heart shaped petals in half the long way. That’s what I did and as you can see it made this free printable even cuter. 😉

4. Glue the flower petals for this kid’s craft to the back of the center.

5. Fold the stem in thirds (on the dotted lines) to make the stem more supportive. Then glue the leaves to it.

6. Glue the flower to the stem. That’s it! You’re done, and it’s ADORABLE. Really, it’s so simple that you probably won’t even need those instructions.


Print Valentines Flower Craft in Color

Printed Crafts Mailed to You in Color!





Print Valentines Flower Craft in Black & White





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