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Valentines Day is just over a week away. So I decided it was high time to get a project posted!
We’ve been extremely busy lately working on things behind the scenes with our blog, but we haven’t forgotten what keeps our viewers coming back.

What I love about this Valentines craft is that it looks like a heart, but when it’s opened there’s a butterfly inside. It’s cute and unique. It has a “To” and “From” section that your little one can write on to give to whomever they decide.

I’ve included instructions as well, just in case you need them. (Though I don’t think you will).
Here they are:

1) If printed in black and white, color or paint and let dry.
2) Cut out the “Outside” Valentines card.
3) Cut out the “Inside” Valentines card and glue it to the inside of the “Outside” card.
4) Fold the Valentines card in half so that the butterfly is on the inside.
5) Write in the “To” and “From” spots, and give it to a friend or loved one!

This Valentines craft is simple enough that your little one will be able to do it with little supervision.
It’s definitely better than the cards you buy at the store, and easier than hand crafting a bunch of cards to give away!
Print up this cute Valentines Craft here:
Valentine's Day Craft




Print Valentines Craft in Color







Valentine's Day Craft




Print Valentines Craft in Black & White












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