Scarecrow Activity-Print Below

Another Thanksgiving project! This cute little guy is our scarecrow.

It’s available as an activity, or just a coloring page. It’s super simple. So simple in fact, that your little one could probably do it without your help on the instructions.

My family had some pumpkin pie the other night and it was great. It made me so excited for Thanksgiving coming up soon! It’s my one of our favorite holidays.

This year, we older girls are going to do the black Friday shopping. We don’t get into it as much as some, but we love doing some shopping and getting breakfast after.

It’s definitely “black” for a reason though! It always ends up being so expensive. It’s definitely worth it to get those deals though.

So here is the coloring page for the Scarecrow:


Holidays are the best part of the year. We will be posting new free printable crafts and activities with each Holiday that comes along. Our site is not even a year old yet so our holiday printables will increase with each year. We will also be doing free printable coloring pages for the Holidays. You can also see our category of each individual holiday in our category links of arts & crafts.

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