We are super excited about these. I love putting a little treat on my kids dresser Valentines morning.

Loading up on sugar is what Valentines is all about for the kids. Right? I don’t know about your kids, but mine definitely have savage behavior when they’ve had a lot of sugar.

These make up to be 2 in. by 2 1/2 in. so it doesnt take a lot to fill them.



These are the ones we printed and put together. I also hot glued a ribbon handle to each. Turned out adorable! But you could use yarn or anything you want for a handle. They are pretty cute without a handle too.

We found that a heavy paper was the best to work with. Our favorite paper thickness for all of our projects is rated 67lb thickness. But most any paper will do fine.





Printable Valentines craft treat box in color



Printed Crafts Mailed to You in Color!









Printable Valentines Craft Treat Box in Black and White











Printable Valentines Craft Love Treat Box in Color













Printable Valentines Craft Box Love BW












Printable Valentines Craft Treat Box Hearts in Color













Printable Valentines Candy Treat Box with Hearts in Black and White


I’m also goint to include a blank template (below) for those of you who want to print it on your scrapbooking paper. All of our  Paper Craft templates and some of the Paper crafts for kids are adorable printed on scrapbook paper. I just take a page and cut it down to fit in the printer.








Chinese Food Style candy treat box template









Print Instructions For Valentines Treat Box





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