Princess and Prince Crown Prince and Princess Crown

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Here is another craft that got buried because of all the holiday crafts for kids we did. I thought I had posted it, and turns out it was sitting in a file on my computer the whole time!

It isn’t exactly a spring kids craft like we’ve been doing, but it’s a lot of fun and I think that the kids will really like this one.

I love it because I used to make these when I was a kid. They were never this cute though.
I would just make it out of normal paper, or sometimes construction paper. They were cute, but I decided to
take this craft and make it even cuter!

What’s great about this craft for kids is that I made a little king crown for boys too. That way they can join in on the royalty playtime. 🙂
Also, if you have sparkles or beads or plastic gems or anything like that, they can all REALLY have some fun decorating.

I had my little sister try the tiara on to take the photo of it, and she loved it so much she didn’t want to give it back!
I didn’t have a little boy to use for the pictures of the crown though. That’s why that photo is also a little girl wearing it.
Really, it could be used for boys or girls. Just whatever your little one wants.

I’ve included the instructions to both the crown and the tiara. They are also on the craft so you can have them when you print.


  1. Cut out front and back straps of tiara.
  2. On front of tiara, fold the bottom back on the dotted line.
  3. Fold the back straps on the dotted line. (See Photo #1)
  4. Glue a strap to each side of tiara.
  5. Measure it on child’s head to see how big it needs to be. (See Photo #2)
  6. Glue straps together to create crown. (See Photo #3)

Princess and Prince Crown Princess and Prince Crown Princess and Prince Crown








  1. Cut out crown strips. (Note: If you want to cut out every point like I did for the photo, then you can. But if your little one doesn’t want to do that much cutting, they can just cut along the dotted line on the actual craft to make it easier.) (See Photo #1)
  2. Glue strips end to end.
  3. Measure it against child’s head to see how big it needs to be. (See Photo #2)
  4. Once you know how big it needs to be, glue it together to create the perfect sized crown. (See Photo #3)

Prince and Princess Crown Prince and Princess Crown







I hope the photos and instructions make it easy to understand. They really aren’t hard at all.
Here are the actual printables:


Paper Tiara


Print Tiara in Color

Printed Crafts Mailed to You in Color!






Print Tiara in Black and White





Paper Crown


Print Crown in Color





Paper Crown


Print Crown in Black and White





Print it up, and let us know what you think.



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