Wow! I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already here. Finally got some snow this last weekend. I invite you all to Utah for some great skiing.

My kids are thinking about what to claim is their favorite thing to be thankful for this year. We do this at the dinner table on Thanksgiving day. Somethimes its touching, sometimes funny and sometimes down right vain. My little seven year old daughter is thankful that she is cute. LOL


This pic is the one my family put together. Finished Cabin Printable Arts and Crafts for Kids

These Thanksgiving printables are great for kids to do for this  holiday. These activities for kid give your little ones fun crafts to do as the holidays get closer. Our kids crafts are free to print and easy to do. My kids love doing our fun projects and decorating my fridge with them! Print up these printable crafts and activities and have a happy Holiday season!



Printable Thanksgiving Pilgrim Cabin Color











View Pilgrim and Cabin Craft Instruction


Printable Thanksgiving Pilgrim Cabin in Black and White











This cute little printable Thanksgiving paper craft  is so fun for the kids. They go great with the Native American Indian Craft we posted last week.

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