Here is another adorable St. Patrick’s day project for kids. It’s printable in black and white also. Even though St. Patrick’s¬†Day isn’t the most popular holiday, we decided to play around with it and make some fun kid activities anyway. ūüôā

Here are the simple instructions:

      1. If printed in black and white, color or paint and let dry.
      2. Fold the scenery page (page 1) on the dotted line.
      3. Cut out the pot of gold, pig, and rainbow.
      4. Glue the rainbow onto the scenery page with one part on the sky and the other on the grass.
      5. Cut the vertical dotted lines on the pig and the pot of gold. Then fold the center forward and the two side tabs backwards.

After that, you’re done. Here are some pictures of the project to make the instructions more clear:





Super cute! Print it up for your kids here:


Print St. Patrick’s Day Project in Black & White






Print St. Patrick’s Day Project in Color





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