Blank Seed PacketsBlank Seed Packets Blank Seed Packets







We have some fantastic spring kids crafts we’ve been working on. This cute seed printable project being one of them!

This is an easy one for all children, including children with Learning Disabilities and Autism.

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The instructions for this craft are very easy. They’re on the project its self, and I’ve also included them here for you to see.


Here are the instructions:

1) If printed in black and white, color or paint and let dry.

2) Cut out, turn over, and fold first flap in.

3) Fold second flap and glue to first flap.

4) Fold up bottom flap and glue.

After that, you’re done. They can¬†write whatever kind of seeds they have¬†on¬†the front of the project¬†and put them inside.¬†It’s great to encourage kids to¬†grow their own healthy¬†food.¬†If these instructions¬†are a bit confusing to read without seeing the project,¬†don’t worry.
On the actual project the instructions are very simple and there are examples that show you just in case you want them.

You can print up this project here:

Blank Seed Packets


Print Seed Packets in Color

Printed Crafts Mailed to You in Color!




Blank Seed Packets


Print Seed Packets in Black and White




See all of our great pre school crafts and craft ideas for kindergarten and children with limited abilities. Also There is a great site that gives out free information about Autism and Primitive Reflex integration.

It’s definitely fun. These are also great to use if your kids are collecting seeds. I’ve had my children save apple or cantelope seeds before so that they could try and plant their own. These seed printables are a lot more fun to store them in than a plastic baggy!

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Hope you all enjoy the craft.
Remember to come back soon for more fun spring kids crafts.

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