Cards OnlinCards Online We hope you like our Anything Under the Sun craft book. We have been hard at work making another book, so we’ve been pretty busy lately, but we found some time to make another printable project.

Cardstock paper of course is the most ideal for this project. But if you don’t have any, you can use regular.

We left this card with many options for your little one. It could be a greeting card, a thank you card, a get-well card, a birthday card, father’s or mother’s day card, or whatever they want it to be. The signature card that we made for the inside leaves room for the imagination.

I’ve included the instructions for this card to make it easy, as well as a black and white version of it in case you don’t want to print it off your color printer.


1. Cut out card, flower, yellow signature card, and swiggle line.

2. Fold the card in half at the dotted line.

3. Glue the swiggle line to the outside of the card.

4. Glue the flower and signature card to the inside of flower card.

5. Write whatever you want on the signature card.

6. Give it as a greeting card!


So much fun, and great for  your kids to make something themselve to give to someone.
Print it up here:


Cards Online


Print Card in Color





Cards Online


Print Card in Black and White






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