This project took way too long, but check these free printable finger puppets out! I do believe they were worth the time. If you don’t want to use them as finger puppets, you can also put them on popcicle sticks or pencils.

Christmas is coming so fast this year. The days and weeks drag on, but the years just fly by.

We did our black Friday shopping after Thanksgiving and got some great gifts purchased. The stores were mad houses. We don’t do the super early shopping like some people.

To be honest, being in big crowds of people that are willing to do almost anything to get that deal can get intimidating. Haha. We got up at six, and still faced crowds but no violence or crazy people. Luckily! On top of that, we still ended up getting some good gifts.

So back to the printable craft for kids…….as usual this one is super easy. Gotta love that! Just print, color, cut, and glue.  You probably won’t even have to read the instructions. My little sisters LOVE this one so it made me feel better about all the time I spent on it! I hope you and your little ones enjoy it too 🙂 Also, check out our




We love the follows and likes! Expect new free printable crafts for kids soon….I already know what I’m going to post next 😉



Christmas Finger Puppets in Color






Also, check this out!

Printed Crafts Mailed to You in Color







Christmas Finger Puppets in Black & White





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