Table manners

This is an excellent Manners for Kids training material that the kids will love and respond well to. Our viewers can get the Starter Kit or the Full Kit for free (See below)

The full kit has 20 different adorable monster cards. Each card teaches a different table manner  for kids concept. Included with the cards is additional incentive materials, like Monster Money Bucks and a cut and paste wallet for them to keep it in. Use the Monster Bucks to reward them for good manners and let them spend it on incentives that you want to offer like extra TV time, a trip to the park or anything you can think up.

It also included a darling 8.5 x 11 poster that you can frame or make into a plaque that looks vintage and cute for decorating the kitchen while reinforcing the manners.


Download Full Kit For Free:  Expires November 30th

Until the end of May: Our viewers will get a Full Kit for free to anyone who will try it and ‘heart’ it after  here on our Etsy listing or Pin it on Pintrest. Just email us at and put “FREE KIT” in the Subject line. You will instantly be emailed  a link to download the full kit for free from PolishedMinds. Try it and ‘heart’ or ‘pin’ it after here on Etsy  to help them build their store.


Printable PDF

Printable PDF


Manners for kids

Kids Manners training kit


Manners for kids

Printable Manner Plaque









Free Starter Kit Manners for Kids (10483)


Here are some pics of the kit:

Bounce on over to Table Manner Kit on Etsy and check it out. Give it a heart if you like it so it grows in popularity. I love things like this. Way better than nagging them at every meal, right?


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