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Check out our newest Ladybug Craft!

This kids activity is great for summer, especially if your kids are out of school.

It also is simple for children with learning disabilities and Autism. It helps improve motor skills, sequencing skills and much more.

Give them something fun and entertaining to do that’s more productive than TV or video games!

I made this Ladybug Activity so that it could be used on whatever your child may want. It isn’t specific to a certain holiday or occasion. It can be used for birthdays, going away parties, holidays, special occasions, or even if they just feel like doing a project.

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This makes a good printable for children struggling with dyscalculia. You can count dots, legs help them connect number concepts to real life objects.

This Ladybug for Kids also comes in both color, or black and white. You can print the black and white for free. I like making them do it in black and white, to give them something to do more than cutting and gluing. It’s great hand coordination for them to learn to stay in the lines when coloring.

The instructions for this Ladybug Craft are listed below:

1) Print this Ladybug Activity in black and white, or color.
2) If printed in black and white, color or paint and let dry.
3) Cut out the body, wings, and legs
4) Write a note (or even draw a picture) on the body of this Ladybug for Kids project
5) Glue the legs on the sides of the body underneath
6) Glue the wings to the torso. But only glue the top tip of them so that they
can be easily lifted to see the message or drawing on the inside.

Print up this Ladybug Activity here:

Ladybugs for Kids


Print Ladybug for Kids in Color





Ladybugs for Kids


Print Ladybug for Kids in Black and White







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