Ok all you fabulous bloggers, moms and teachers. I have found this new awesome tool and toy called Clipix They recently launched and are becoming more and more popular because their site rocks!

My first board! More to come.



So do you ever feel like the ‘Favorites’ function on your browser just isn’t enough? I have a huge list in my favorites, half of which I don’t even remember what they are. Now we can organize everything online that we love and want to come back to. As you browse the web, you can click the Clipix button they will give you for free. A screen pops up with an image from that page and a list of boards you can pin it to. So cool! Customize your boards. Share your boards. Access from anywhere online.

I just signed up with them, for free, and started a board of my printable crafts. I will be adding to it so anyone can click in and see all of my crafts on one board and link straight to the page where you can print it. I’ll be doing the same for my coloring pages. Since we can share boards, all of you should go set yours up today, Clipix all your favorite stuff and share them with me.

So what are all of you going to use it for? Comment and tell me. Planning your kids b-day party? Next week’s menu ideas? Promoting your blog? We can use this for a million things.

Check it out    

Lets Play!

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