Activities for Preschoolers Wow! Halloween is just around the corner. Crazy how fast the summer flew.

We have some fun projects this year, as well as our projects from last year for your little ones to do. These projects are great Halloween projects for preschoolers, as well as grade-schoolers.

I loved making this cute haunted house activity. But it was a lot of work! We have people ask us sometimes where we get our projects from. The answer is: from ourselves.

All of our projects, including this craft project, we make ourselves. We use a graphic design program and each project can often take us HOURS. We’ve invested a lot of time and energy into our projects and site, so we hope you like them.

This Haunted House is one of my favorite Halloween projects. It’s a two page project and you can get it in color or black and white. I’ve included the instructions here for easy reference.

1) If printed in black and white, color or paint and let dry.

2) On page number 1, cut out house and Halloween figures along dotted lines.

3) Cut along dotted lines on windows and door, so that they can open and close.

4) On page 2, glue Halloween figures in door and window spaces, or let child draw their own figures.

5) On page 2, glue the house to the page using the dotted line on page two as a guide where to glue it.

6) Done! Let child play with house, opening and closing doors and windows.

The instructions to this Halloween project are also on the project when you print it up.


Crafts for Preschoolers

Print Haunted House in Color


Print Haunted House in Black & White




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