Printable Treat Box Template

Print and assemble this printable treat box template.

We’re Back!!!!   We have been away for a while. We’ve been moving, having babies etc. We have missed you all.

Here is our newest free printable treat box template. We have designed this one in some bright colors of red and blue. Winter seems like a time of little color, or at least very little bright colors. I can’t wait for spring. So here is a visual lift for you and your little one.

This treat box template works best if printed on heavier paper or cardstock. Use it for treats, or just anything your heart desires.  Cut, fold paste and fill.




Our little treat box template works good for a winter craft or to get excited about a spring craft.


Also, check out this great site for kids it has good manners training, etiquette training and paper crafts for kids.

Get our free Manners for kids printable

Free printable treat box template


Print it






Cut out the treat box, leaving it in one piece. (See Figure A below)


Cut out the two flowers.


Use a pencil to score along all of the lines. (See Figure B below)


Fold all sides down, leaving design on the outside. Fold all Corners into a point. Fold lines between corner and sides in the opposite direction of the corners. (See Figure C below)


Turn over and pull sides together. (See Figure D below)


Fold corners over the sides and paste or staple. (See Figure E below)


Cut the top Flap along the line creating a slot to insert tab from the other flap. (See Figure F below)


Fold top flaps down and insert tab into the cut slot.


Glue blue flower onto the treat box first then red flower.


free printable treat box template











Hope you enjoy!!!



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