Free Printable Owl Bag Craft -Boy

Free Printable Color Owl Bag Craft -Boy

Free Printable Black & White Owl Bag Craft -Boy

Free Printable Owl Bag Craft Instructions -Boy

Smarty Pants Fun is a family owned website. We are committed to providing free printable crafts and easy projects for parents, grandparents, teachers, daycares and anyone else who interacts with children.
From the Mom: (Development)
As a part-time working mom and a homeschooling mom, I found myself searching online for easy printable crafts that I could do with my children. When I say easy, I mean real easy. I wanted projects that can be done in 15 minutes and do not require a run to the craft store for supplies. Our free printables are self contained and can be completed with no more than scissors, glue, crayons, tape, string and occasionally paperclips. Having some carefree interaction with my children is important after a long day of work.  I also love giving a project to the kids during home school time or when I’m busy working at my desk. Keeps their minds expanding and improving their motor skills, artistic abilities and growing self confidence.

Aubrey- 16 year old Daughter: (Website Management and Recipes):

I occasionally nanny multiple children and have difficulty being able to keep them entertained for the hours that I watch them.  When I have an easy craft project it makes the day go smoother. Plus when their parent comes to pick them up, they have a fun creative little “nic nac” to take home and that helps the parent know their children are being productive.
I have a passion for cooking, and it is so nice to make something with the children that they can eat after!  So I will be adding a section to the website that is full of easy tasty recipes.

Britany- 20 year old daughter: (Artistic Design)

I have always had a passion for art and design. I am having fun creating the patterns and color schemes for the projects. If you like the ones I have already created, you will love the ones I’m starting now!
The  Younger Kids: (Our Research and Development Team):

We love making up new projects and trying them out. We really love giving them to freinds and sharing them with others in school and at play days.


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