Free Printable Butterfly Craft

Printable Color-Girl Butterfly Kids Craft

Printable Black & White- Girl Butterfly Craft

Print a Craft for your child that will help develop their motor skills, coloring, and arts and craft skills. These animal craft and are made for free print. We make all of our arts and crafts and coloring pages as free printables. Your child print these in black and white for a coloring page,then glue into a craft project. These art and craft activities are great for their development. These are great crafts for preschoolers, kindergarten, grade school and even preteens have fun coloring the funky patterns. Print for free on white or color paper or use as a free templates to cut out on some fabulous scrapbooking pages.

¬†Butterfly activities and crafts are a blast for kids to do. We offer both activities and coloring pages of butterflies for children. These butterfly crafts for kids are nice because they’re fun.These free printables help children develop motor skills while they color, cut the paper, and gloe. We believe arts and crafts are great for kids to do so that they are doing something productive.¬† I try not to let my kids watch a lot of TV . It is better for them to get off of the couch and something. (Especially when it’s fun!) That is why I developed this site of kids activities with my two oldest daughters. Besides, my little ones love these free butterfly kids crafts.


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