Kids Easter Craft Ideas  Ahhhh. It’s official, spring is in the air. A few days ago, it was the official first day of spring and I must say, I love it. It still feels like winter sometimes….but at least now whenever it snows it melts within a few hours.

I deal with the winter blues sometimes. Severely. And the summer sunshine and air helps to take the edge off. So bring on the sunny days!

Now, what we have here is another printable craft for kids. This one is (of course) Easter themed. It isn’t just pink like the one on the picture though, there is also a printable for little boys too. The black and white printable is available for free.

We have people ask us sometimes where we get these kids crafts. Well, we make them. Yes, ALL of them. We create them on a computer program. We definitely had allot of work cut out for us when we decided to start this website. And a huge learning curve, because we didn’t know how the use the program. So, many hours later (and a lot of frustrating moments) we were able to launch our website. So we love the feedback from all of you! Socialize with us and tell us what you think on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Kids Easter Craft Ideas For this 2 page Easter kids craft, we find that printing it on cardstock works best. However, if you only have regular paper then that will work too. Here are the instructions:


1) If printed in black and white, color or paint and let dry.

2) Cut out the basket on the dotted line around the outer edge.

3) Fold along the inside lines and glue the back of it together.

so that it creates a basket.

4) Fold the bottom inch of the basket behind and glue it

5) Cut out the handle and glue it to the outside front and back of the basket.

6) Cut out carrot and eggs and put inside of basket.


Print up our cute 2 page Easter kids craft here:

Kids Easter Craft Ideas


Print Easter Basket for Boys in Color

Printed Crafts Mailed to You in Color!




Kids Easter Craft Ideas


Print Easter Basket for Boys in Black and White





Kids Easter Craft Ideas


Print Easter Basket for Girls in Color





Kids Easter Craft Ideas


Print Easter Basket for Girls in Black and White





The instructions are also on the Easter craft its self to make it more convenient. Check out some other great children Easter crafts that we have, including our printable bookmarks and Jesus resurection Bible kids crafts. Also check out our Easter category to find even more easy crafts for Easter.

Have fun!



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