Printable Crafts for kids¬†Yep, that’s right. We have made 22 of our most popular crafts available in one download for $1.99 until¬†February 30th. The file will download in PDF. Print them all at once or one at a time. Print and re-Print, and own them forever.

$1.99 Download


How does it come?

You will be sent directly to a confirmation page after checkout to download the file in PDF format.

Is it in Color or Black and White?

You can choose to download the crafts for a color printer or black and white?

What comes in the file?

Bright colorful crafts!

  • 22 of Our Most Loved Crafts
  • ‘Easy to follow’ instructions with pictures.

What copyrights or privileges do we get with the file?

You can print and distribute the printed crafts as often, and many as you want for your family, parties or group projects. You may not share the digital file with others or print them in mass quantity for sale. You may not duplicate the digital file. Enjoy honest sharing of printed pages only.


You and your little DIY kids are going to love these DIY crafts for kids. They help improve their motor skills, sequencing, cutting, pasting and more. DIY activities for kids are not just for fun, they improve their skills and keep them busy. In just 15 minutes, your child can create fabulous projects with just scissors, glue and this book. Send crafts with to grandma’s house. Take with on a road trips. Leave with the babysitters. Do together as an activity.

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