Below are your  download instructions

Do to the high quality of the design pages, the file is medium sized. We have zipped the file for easy download.

 Printable Crafts for kids

  1. Click Link
  2. Choose ‘Save’ orSave As
  3. Save to your computer (May take a few minutes to download)
  4. After complete, go to downloaded file and open. If your computer does not automatically unzip the file, then right click the file and choose ‘Extract All’. Follow prompts.
  5. Then save to computer.
  6. When opening, if a pop up opens that says ‘Please purchase WinRAR’. Simply click close and continue.

Download crafts in zipped pdfFree Craft eBook for Kids Zipped (221) 


  1. Open pdf below (takes longer than above method)
  2. Click ‘File”
  3. Choose ‘Save As
  4. Save to your computer (For slower Internet connections, screen may be blank a few minutes while downloading)


Download crafts in pdf:   Free Craft eBook for Kids PDF (222)

We hope you enjoy your new ebook. We have enjoyed producing it. Look forward to more of our publications coming soon!

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