You all asked for it……. 22 of our favorite crafts in color. At first, I wondered why ya’all would want to buy them in color when you could print them for free. Then I clued in…. Printer toner is a mint. I realized that when I was printing these projects for my own little ninos and every time I turned around the blue cartridge was empty. Ahhhh! It is enough to cause me to hit the printer with a baseball bat repeatedly. Talked myself out of that a few times. That ‘counting to ten’ really works. Well, that and the fact I would have had to go look in our spider infested shed for a bat.

   Look at what’s in the book

Anyway, I get it…. Kids love crafts, moms love printer toner!     So I got 22 of them published with Amazon in full color on big 8.5 x 11″ sheets, with instructions.

You can buy it directly from Amazon:

 Or you can save $3.00 by ordering it directly from Amazon’s printer called Createspace by using discount code: 8ZSXZM4N    Buy it here from Createspace

 You and your little DIY kids  are going to love these DIY crafts for kids. They help them with their motor skill building, step by step instruction improvement, cutting, pasting and more. DIY activities for kids are not just for fun, they improve their skills and keep them busy. Enjoy your DIY for kids.

  Finding a publisher was like looking for that one sock that has been missing since the 4th of July. But I did find a way to publish my book. you can publish one too. Read about it on my post  How Do I Get My Own Book Published

This Book of Craft Sheets is my way of being a  Super Hero. “Saving the world one parent at a time, by obliterating the crime of smashing their printer with a baseball bat.  Or, saving them  from getting bit by a poisonous spider, looking for a baseball bat in their spidery shed” 🙂  SAVE THE TONER!!!!    SAVE THE PARENTS!!!!


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