Christmas Crafts for Kids Christmas Crafts for Kids You may recognize this little guy. He’s a lot like the Thanksgiving Turkey, but a penguin for Christmas instead. He has a scarf and Santa hat instead of turkey feathers.

The instructions are pretty similar for this project, but I’ve included them on this post anyways. 🙂

I wondered about adding the Santa hat to this, and wondered if it would be too much work. But that wondering ceased when my little six year old sister saw it and loved it! It was the first thing she noticed about it. So I decided to keep it, and leave it optional for anyone who may or may not want to do it.

Check out those instructions here:

1) If printed in black and white, color or paint and let dry.

2) Cut out everything on the page.

3) Fold beak in half and glue under eyes on penguin body.

4) Glue sides of Penguin body together so that it creates a cone shape.

5) Glue wings to Penguin body.

6) Glue Santa hat together so that it’s cone shaped like the penguin.

7) Glue white top of hat on so that it makes a Santa hat.

Soooo, you can follow those instructions or just look at the page and figure it out. 😉
That’s probably all you’ll have to do!

I also made it so that this Penguin Christmas Project comes in mini’s like the Turkey did. However I didn’t include the Santa hat on the mini because it’d be way to small and hard to do. That way your little ones can make a baby penguin to go with the mama. This project also makes a cute Christmas ornament if you glue a string to the top to hang it from the tree by.

Print this Christmas Craft here:


Christmas Crafts for Kids


Print Christmas Penguin in Color





Christmas Crafts for Kids


Print Christmas Penguin in Black & White





Christmas Crafts for Kids


Print Mini Christmas Penguin in Color





Christmas Crafts for Kids


Print Mini Christmas Penguin in Black and White





Christmas Crafts for Kids Well, we here at Smarty Pants Fun, hope that you enjoy this Christmas Project.

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Until next time, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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