We are going to start posting fabulous and easy cooking ideas and recipes. I have a passion for cooking and we decided to implement fun cooking ideas for adults and children on our site.

This is a super easy and fun treat to make. It probably only took me 30 minutes to make and put together. The kids loved having the edible dish. It made them want to eat all the fruit inside of it  so that they could break apart the box and eat some chocolate. This not only got them to eat the fruit, but they enjoyed it! Most fruit you get from the store is not very sweet so it helped to have the chocolate to balance out the flavors.

To make this treat you first have to buy the right kind of chocolate to make the box. I used Dolci Frutta microwave chocolate. It cools into a very nice shell.

I would definitely buy 2 of the milk chocolate packages to make a nice chocolate box. You don’t have to buy the white chocolate, but I like to have it to make the box look a little more fun.



The next thing you do is buy all the fruit you want to put in your box. I used black berries, strawberries, raspberries and fresh pineapple. After that you need to buy a mold to make your chocolate box out of.

This is the mold I used. It is just a container from the store that they usually put there baked goods in, like cookies or danishes. After you have all of your materials start by melting your microwave chocolate, the directions are on the container for properly melting the chocolate. As soon as the chocolate is completely melted, use a basting brush and paint a thin layer of chocolate in your mold. After that, I put it in the freezer for one minute, or until the thin shell is hardened. Do this about 4 or 5 times until your chocolate is thick enough to not crack when you pull it out of the mold. As soon as your chocolate is hard and cooled then turn the mold upside down and gently push on the sides of the mold and the chocolate box pops out. Make the other half of the box the same way and you are set! Just put your desired fruit in your box and you have a fun snack for your kids.  Enjoy!


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