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For starters, I would like to apologize to our great followers. I realize it has been a while since we have posted a project. But, we have a good excuse!

I went rafting with some friends last weekend on the Colorado. While I was there, we did some cliff diving from a forty foot cliff, and my friend and I injured ourselves. We didn’t hit rocks or anything. We landed in the water with straight legs, but we had leaned forward at the torso.

We hurt ourselves pretty good. It’s been a busy week since then. We both had to take some time off work, and I wasn’t up to working on the computer. My mom was swamped with work and being a mom all week so she wasn’t able to work on it either. That’s why we haven’t posted for a while. Luckily, my friend and I are feeling a lot better now.

I was able to put this cute project together, and post it. This little guy is called the Dragonfly Hanger.
It’s a good quick, easy project for kids.

Here are the instructions:


1) Cut out Dragonflies.
2) Glue a string to the back of one of the Dragonflies.


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3) Glue the bodies back to back, leaving the wings un glued.
4) Fold the wings out opposite from each other.


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5) Hang the Dragonfly from something.


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And then you’re done. I made one and hung it from the ceiling. My little sisters were quite impressed with it.
As always, you can print this one in black and white or color. Also, look for the girl Dragonfly that I’ll be posting soon.

Print this bug project here:


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Print Dragonfly Hanger in Color

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Print Dragonfly Hanger in Black & White








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