Bible Coloring Book


OK, I love this book of Bible crafts for kids. It has a craft to go with the stories of the Bible.  This is a wonderful Idea.

I learned early on, that my kids remembered the stories better if they had something to do with their hands that reinforced the story they had just learnd.



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  • Reinforces the stories in their mind.

  • Makes Bible time fun

  • Helps them look forward to Bible study as positive thing.

  • Keeps their hands busy during study.

It also makes Bible time much more interesting for your child so they start looking forward to Bible Study.

It is important to keep religion a positive thing in kids lives. I know some parents who make it a drudgery boring time that they require their kids to attend. The kids do it because they are forced to, but not because they love it. This book is so cute. It helps make kids love Bible time. You can look inside the book and order it from super cheap.

So worth the money!

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